Operation: Crazy Loop

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★ 7th Place Finalist ★

2nd Annual Worldwide Numa Contest — "They Call Me Crazy" — 2008

★ Best Picture ★

Skyline High Spaghetti Awards, 2008


2nd Annual Worldwide Numa Contest winners list:

1st: MDP3’s Crazy Loop (Hilarious)
by memento18183

2nd: -=Plasticine Madness=-
by afxgfx

3rd: Crazy Loop Junior
by crazyloopjunior

4th: mooshoopinkshoo

5th: crazy computer

6th: Crazy Loop!! A Nerd’s Awakening

7th: Operation: Crazy Loop

8th: Crazy Loop Contest

9th: Crazy Loop Video!

10th: The Crazy Loop Phenomenon


(Winners list taken from this screenshot, captured on 22 April 2008 - the original site went offline long ago.)

(Special thanks to Gary Brolsma for helping me look for this list!)

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