TI-BASIC Programs

Garbage Man

Play as a garbage man in this text-based comedy adventure game featuring a non-linear storyline, several items, and memory challenges.

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GeoTools is a reference and formula automation program for geometry and other related mathematic topics. It includes reference material such as trigonometric identities and the law of sines/cosines, and a fill-in-the-blank format to calculate area, surface area or volume for several two- and three-dimensional shapes.

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Spirolateral Generator

I created this program as a study in the formation of spirolateral figures. A spirolateral is created by taking a series of steps of a length which repeats within a specified range (e.g. 1-7), with a turn of a specified angle (e.g. 145°) after each step. This program creates and displays spirolaterals, allows the input of the turn angle and a step range from one to a specified number, and includes a zoom function to view details.

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