The Disintegration Machine


Reporter Ed Malone and government scientist Professor Challenger must investigate a machine which its inventor claims can disintegrate anything and put it back together again.

Based on the short story by Arthur Conan Doyle.


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Press and Reviews

"[B]eautiful cinematography and succinct content complemented by a brilliant score . . . a work of art."

— Utah Film Festival and Awards (Full Review)


"‘The Disintegration Machine’ looks and sounds excellent."

— Tom Ue, University of Toronto


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(As of September 2019)



Ethics, Adaptation, and the Short Story: Peter C. Davidson on Conan Doyle’s “The Disintegration Machine” — Tom Ue

"Peter C. Davidson Brings Sci-fi Mystery to F&MAD Student Film Festival" — Utah College of Fine Arts

"The Disintegration Machine" — Conan Doyle Estate


★ Best Script, Best Actor, and Best Sound ★

University of Utah Spring Showcase, 2017


★ Best Sci Fi / Fantasy Film ★

Short & Sweet Film Festival, 2018


★ Made in Utah Category Nominee ★

Utah Film Awards, 2018


The Disintegration Machine was screened at various other events during its festival run: click here to see information about past screenings.

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Director of Photography: Conor Long

Video Extras

Behind The Scenes

Photos by David Skorut, Ruoyu Li, Justin Mikesell, and others (let me know if I missed you)!


Written, directed, and edited by
Peter C. Davidson

Executive Producer
Sterling Van Wagenen

Director of Photography
Conor Long

Starring (in order of appearance)

Tanner Gillman
as Ed Malone

Kelly Wanberg
as Professor Challenger

Walter Mirkss
as Theodore Nemor

Production Design
Kathryn Sutton - Costumes
Alex Farah - Machine

Music by
Jordan Kamalu

Assistant Director
Brad Davis

1st Assistant Camera
Ruoyu Li

2nd Assistant Camera
David Skorut
Chris Anderson
Daniel Osterstock

Script Supervisor
Kathryn Sutton

Alexis Flores

On-set Sound Recorder
Justin Mikesell

Stills Photographer
David Skorut

Foley Artist
Zach Berry

Machine Construction
Alex Farah
Logan Long
Michelle Farah

Props and Equipment
Louis Siemons
Paris Abigail Moore
Andrus Jones

Craft Services
Michelle Jensen Davidson

Science Consultant
Taylor Pope

Script Consultants
Elise Davidson
Conor Long
John Rowland
Elizabeth Finlayson

Irene Davidson
Rees and Virginia Jensen

Camera Operator for Indiegogo Video
Andrus Jones

Graphic Designers
Alyssa Davidson
David Skorut

Special Thanks To
Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino
Jennifer Humphreys
Adv. Film Production Class
Happy Fox Media

TV Specialists
The University of Utah

This film was made possible by our Indiegogo Backers:

David and Emily Petersen
Kristin and Gary Hart
Chris and Michelle Davidson
Cardiff Ventures
The Zenger/Linford Family

Lisa Mietchen
Eliza Zenger
Rees and Virginia Jensen
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Charles Prepolec

Jane Wanberg
Thomas and Carol Andrus
Paul Wanberg
The Finlayson Family
Michelle A Farah

Josh and Jenn Wheeler
Sapporo Fund
Sherrie L Davidson
Taylor Pope
Jason and Suzanne Andrus

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"The Disintegration Machine" was produced as a student short film at the University of Utah and is a not-for-profit project.

Dedicated to my wife, Elise, for believing in me and for encouraging me to complete this film. I couldn't have done it without her. ♥